We offer two different forms of Criminal Background Checks:

  • Informational- Criminal Background check for the purposes
    of identifying a person, checking the validity of a person, or
    to just check a person's past.  Information cannot be used to
    make a decision regarding employment, housing, or
    establishing a person's credit worthiness.

  • Employment/Investigative- This is a Criminal Background
    check for pre-employment decisions, or for the purposes of
    conducting an investigation on an employee.

Both types of background checks give you the same results, but
any Background Checks on persons that could result in making a
decision regarding employment, housing, issuing credit, or taking
any other Adverse Action must be compliant with different laws and
 Click Here for more information on Pre-Employment
Investigations and the laws that regulate the release of negative
information.  We will help decide which type of Background Check
will be appropriate for your situation.

We also offer a variety of other searches to verify a person's
identity, locate someone, or facilitate an investigation.  Click
for more information on our other searches we can perform.
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