There are many ways that an employee can steal from his
employer depending on the type of business and their level
in the organization.  Anywhere there is money or
merchandise, someone will take it. Many times an employee
will steal small amounts of merchandise at the store level by
concealing it on themselves, or by giving it away to friends by
pretending to ring it up and giving the merchandise away for
free or severely discounted.  Employees that work in freight
or receiving rooms  can pilfer boxes and take merchandise or
hide desired merchandise in the trash to retrieve later.

Employees will also steal cash in a variety of ways through
either pocketing it and making a register short, voiding out a
transaction, or by creating a fictitious refund and taking the

There are a lot of different reasons why employees steal
from their employers.  Sometimes an employee steals due to
a financial hardship the person is going through, being
pressured by friends into giving away free merchandise, the
opportunity exists to take an item or cash, or the person
could be angry at management and steals to get back at
them.  Many times it is an employee you would not suspect
that is really stealing from you.  Go with your gut, if you feel
suspicious about someone, there is probably something
worth looking into.
If you think you have an employee stealing from you, then we
can help as that is an area of our expertise.  Most small
businesses without security departments simply fire someone
they think is stealing because they really don't know how else
to handle it.  We will conduct an investigation for you and
determine if someone is responsible for theft and if so, either
get your goods and or money back, or file the case for
prosecution depending on how you want it handled.  A key
factor in resolving a case to obtain restitution or prosecution
is either solid evidence, or an admission of guilt.  We are
skilled at compiling evidence necessary to prosecute cases,
including obtaining written admissions of guilt from the
subjects.  Mike Battles
Owner/Manager/Private Investigator of
Central Texas Investigations is a
Certified Forensic
and has conducted hundreds of interviews
obtaining admissions of guilt for theft.

Each type of investigation requires a different approach so
either e-mail us, or give us a call with your situation and we
can discuss a plan of action and see if we can help.
Central Texas Investigations
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Employee Theft:
Signs of Employee Theft
  • Uncaring attitude or
    noticeable change in
  • Employee that has a lot of
    visitors or people that want
    to be checked out by them.
  • Employee that spends a lot
    of time on the phone.
  • Unusual amount of cash
    refunds or voids.
  • Suspicious or missing
  • Pattern of cash shortages.
  • Finding merchandise
    hidden in places or
    merchandise that can't be
    explained why it is where it
    is found.
  • Employee that suddenly get
    nervous or changes
    behavior when you come
  • Hearing rumors of
    employee theft.