Retail theft is the largest form of larceny in the United States
costing businesses
over $30 Billion last  according to the University
of Florida's National Retail Security Survey.  
Shrinkage is a term
used to define the difference between what a company's records
show it should have of product in inventory and what they actually
have when an inventory is conducted.  There are several different
factors that contribute to shrinkage and fall into 4 different

  • Employee Theft- 47% of Shrinkage is from Employee Theft
    costing retailers $14.6 Billion annually.  There are a variety
    of ways and reasons that employees steal.  Click Here for
    more information on Employee Theft and how we can help
    you resolve a suspected employee theft situation, or
    determine if you might have an Employee Theft issue.
  • Shoplifting- 34% of Shrinkage is from shoplifting costing
    retailers $10.5 Billion last year alone.  Shoplifting losses are
    on the rise over the last few years mostly due to more
    organized retail theft gangs operating over large areas
    stealing large quantities of goods.  Click Here for more
    information on shoplifting and how we can help you if you feel
    you are being targeted by an organized theft ring.
  • Paperwork/Administrative- 14% of shrinkage is caused by
    errors in paperwork. An employee may scan the wrong item
    instead of the actual item sold or returned, which causes an
    incorrect inventory.

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