Mike Battles, CFI is the Owner/Manager/Private Investigator for Central
Texas Investigations and has extensive experience regarding
investigations of all natures.  Mike has been conducting investigations
over 20 years mostly in the retail industry focusing on employee
theft and organized crime.  Mike first studied for his Criminal Justice
Degree and then went to work for  different major retail chains
supervising groups of investigators and conducting major
investigations.  Mike has worked and built relationships  with the FBI,
Secret Service, INS, IRS, State Police, and local Police on a variety of
cases.  Mike has been trained in many forms of Interview/Interrogation
techniques and Statement Analysis, conducted hundreds of interviews,
and recently obtained designation as a "Certified Forensic Interviewer".

Central Texas Investigations was established in 2005 as an
investigations company licensed by the Texas Department of Public
Safety Private Security Bureau to conduct investigations.  Central Texas
Investigations provides Employee Theft  & Retail Theft Investigations,
Video Surveillance, Cheating Spouse Investigations, Criminal
Background Checks, Person Location/Verification, Hidden Home
Cameras, and Insurance Fraud Investigations.  We specialize in
complicated investigations such as Identity Theft, Employee
Investigations, Surveillance, and Hidden Cameras.

We are very experienced at conducting any investigation and providing
answers to your questions.
Our professionalism and expertise will help save you time
and money.
We will work with you to provide you a detailed outline on
how we will approach your case.
We're here to answer your questions anytime.
Simply put, "We are here to help you."
Providing Answers and
At Central Texas Investigations, it is
our mission to provide you with
answers and resolution to your
situation no matter what it may be.  
We accept nothing but success.
Contact us:
(512) 507-1552
Central Texas Investigations
Texas State License A13326
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