We offer a variety of searches that can assist you in finding
someone you have been looking for, or to verify someone's identity
and  to learn more about them. The fees vary by the type of search
and you will be given an estimate cost before proceeding.

Person Search            Address Report              Motor Vehicle Search
Bankruptcies               Sexual Offender             
Criminal Records
Liens                             Judgements                     Locate Relatives
Civil Courts                  Professional Licenses             
Dun & Bradstreet       Business Profile            Marriage/Divorce
Phone Searches         SS# Search                    UCC Filings
Property Ownership  Assets Report               Domain Names

There are a lot of different reasons that you might want to check
someone's records.  It might be for pre-employment purposes, to
verify a person's identity, check a Nanny that watches your
children, a creepy neighbor, a little league coach, someone your
thinking of going into business with, or one of many other reasons.

When conducting Background Checks on someone for employment
purposes, there are a number of laws and guidelines that must be
followed.  Central Texas Investigations does offer pre-employment
screening services such as drug testing, criminal background
checks, and integrity testing.  These services are offered
separately so that they are in compliance with the various laws.  
Click Here for more information on Pre-Employment Investigations.

Contact us and we will discuss what it is you are looking for and
how we can help.  You don't need a lot of information to get a lot of
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